Christian Fieseler

Christian Fieseler

Professor Of Economics

After stations at the University of St. Gallen, and as visiting researcher and faculty associate at the Universities of Harvard and Stanford, Christian currently serves as full professor for Communication and Management at the Department of Communication and Culture at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway, where he dedicated the last five years to building an interdisciplinary research group (the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society) and a solid curriculum at the intersection of New Media, Digital Technologies and Society.

The work of Christian and his colleagues in the centre focusses on social issues in the digital environment and ties in closely with computer-mediated communication, labour and industrial relations, as well as organizational social responsibility and ethics research. Together, they strive to create knowledge and advice on current topics of particularly high and cross-disciplinary relevance such as for example fairness perceptions and alienation, but also the search for meaning in digital labor markets, or the endeavor to make artificial intelligence more inclusive and accountable to a wide range of stakeholders.

Other Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Technology Entrepreneurship 1 April 11, 2024