1. The master program is taught in English and has a normal duration of 2 academic years (4 semesters) conducting to the accumulation of 120 ECTS. This Master allows the graduates to pursue their education at the doctoral level.
  2. There are 48 places – all with tuition fees.
  3. The admission process is open to Bachelor’s graduates having a Bachelor’s diploma or equivalent, regardless of the year of graduation, provided the level of studies and the diploma are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania.
  4. The citizens of other European Union member states, of the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation are entitled to take part in the admission process under the same legal conditions as the Romanian citizens, including the same tuition fees. Their Bachelor’s or equivalent diploma has to be recognized by the competent department of the Ministry of Education and Research prior to the registration with the ASE (the process may take up to 30 days).
  5. The admission process consists of the online registration of the application file and an online oral exam. The admission of the applicants is based strictly on the admission average grade point – descending ranking of the applicants, correlated with the options expressed at the registration. The minimum average grade required to pass the admission exam is 6,00.
  6. The online oral exam consists of questions from the bibliography. The exam will be held in English.
  7. The admission average grade point is determined as follows:

      – 50% evaluation of the application files: Bachelor exam average – 40 points, letter of motivation – 40 points, professional experience/recommendations/extracurricular activities – 20 points (100 points)
     – 50% oral exam (i.e. online interview): knowledge assessment interview from the bibliography (100 points)
A minimum of 60 / 100 points is required in order to be admitted.

Number of places: 53 (with tuition fee only), out of which 8 places for Non-EU citizens

Tax per year:

  • tuition fee for EU citizens: 10,000 LEI/year (tbc)
  • tuition fee for Non-EU citezens: 3,600 EUR/year (tbc)
  • application fee for EU citizens : 250 LEI
  • application fee for Non-EU citizens : 400 EUR

Schedule of the admission process

July 2024 intake

1. Online registration on admitere.ase.ro 

(The platform will be open between 18-22 July)

18-22 July (Friday-Monday), Monday until 16:00
2. Online oral interview and publication of the interview results 24 July (Wednesday)
3. Publication of the preliminary admission results 26 July (Friday)
4. Confirmation of the places by paying 1/2 of the annual tuition fee  

Payment of 1/2 of the annual tuition fee: 29 – 30  July (Mon-Tue), exclusively on admitere.ase.ro

6. Publication of the final results 31 July (Tuesday)
7. Matriculation to the 1st year of studies 1st October 2024

The interview is composed of two parts:

  • an oral exam, to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate in the business administration field and the Information and Communication Technology industry, with the members of the admission commission – please find the bibliography for the exam below
  • presentation of the career development plan of the candidate

Bibliography for the Admission exam:


Nr Theme Area Bibliographic reference Pages
1 The business environment Business Administration [1] pp. 11-19
2 Understanding economics and how it affects business Business Administration [1] pp. 28-59

Competitive Advantage, Firm Performance, and Business Models

Business Administration [2] pp. 140 – 173
4 Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Blue Oceans Business Administration [2] pp. 174 – 207
5 Marketing: Helping Buyers Buy Business Administration [1] pp. 360-387

The infrastructure of the organization

Digital business [3] pp. 98-130
7 Information and communication technology infrastructure Digital business [3] pp. 134-162
8 Digital business Digital business [3] pp. 200-224
9 Digital transformation Digital business [4]


pp. 1-12



What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Digital business [6] online


[1] Nickels, William G.; McHugh, James M.; McHugh, Susan M. (2016): Understanding Business, McGraw-Hill Education, New York

[2] Rothaermel, Frank T. (2017), Strategic management (3rd edition), New York : McGraw- Hill Education, ISBN: 9781259255496

[3] Beynon-Davies, P. (2019): Business Information Systems, Macmillan International Higher Education, Red Globe Press, 3rd edition.

[4] Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (2020): Rethinking Digital Transformation. New Data Examines the Culture and Process Change Imperative in 2020, online at https://hbr.org/resources/pdfs/comm/red%20hat/RethinkingDigitalTransformation.pdf

[5] Tabrizi, B.; Lam, E.; Girard, K., Irvin, V. (2020): Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology, online at https://hbr.org/2019/03/digital-transformation-is-not-about-technology

[6] Christensen, C. M.; Raynor, M.E.; McDonald, R. (2015) What Is Disruptive Innovation?, Harvard Business Review, online at https://hbr.org/2015/12/what-is-disruptive- innovation

Registration for Romanian, EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation Citizens:

The applicants will fill in their  personal data on the online platform (admitere.ase.ro), including e-mail address and telephone number and will upload copies of the following document (submitted in .pdf or .jpeg / .jpg format):

  1. Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). For the graduates of the 2023 promotion, certificate of graduation of the bachelor’s exam, specifying the arithmetic averages of the years of study, the average of the bachelor’s exam and the other information provided by the Framework Regulation on the regime of study acts in education superior, approved by OMEC no. 4156/2020. For ASE 2023 Bachelor’s graduates, the data will be imported automatically from the university database.
  2. Transcript or diploma supplement from the bachelor’s program;
  3. Baccalaureate diploma (or its equivalent) and of the transcript (or equivalent);
    For ASE 2023 Bachelor’s graduates, the data will be imported automatically from the university database, they are exempt from submitting documents 1 to 3.
    Graduates of study programs abroad, in addition to the bachelor’s degree / graduation certificate, must upload on the platform admitere.ase.ro the copy of the certificate / equivalence certificate issued / issued by the Ministry of Education and Research – CNRED and will send before registration, at internationaladmission@ase.ro, the study documents (bachelor’s degree or equivalent, diploma supplement, and copy of the certificate issued by CNRED) for the equivalence of the grades.
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Identity card / passport (for foreign citizens);
  6. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable);
  7. Affidavit – Annex 7, generated at registration, by which the candidate declares that they will not receive budget funding for two university study programmes at the same time, regardless of their level; will not pursue more than two university degree programmes simultaneously, regardless of their level and form of funding; has not been expelled from ASE without the right to re-enrol; has been/has not been enrolled in another Master’s degree programme; agrees to the processing of personal data.
  8. Personal statement – Annex 8, generated at registration, by which the candidate declares that agrees to the processing of personal data.
  9. An ID-type photo;
  10. Proof of payment of the registration fees for those who pay by bank transfer (recommended: online payment on the admission platform).
  11. Standard medical certificate, issued no later than six months before the enrollment date by the medical offices (school or territorial) or by the family doctor, from which it should result that the applicants are fit for enrollment in college;
  12. English Proficiency Certificate (optional);
  13. Other documents certifying special status (Roma minority, social protection system, registration fees exemptions according to art. 39);
  14. Personal statement regarding the authenticity of the documents uploaded on the admission platform and the correspondence between the digital / scanned documents and the original ones (Annex 9);
  15. Curriculum Vitae in English
  16. One letter of recommendation (in Romanian or English)
  17. Motivational letter (in English)
  18. Other documents required by the admission methodology, for the master’s programs with special admission conditions (according to Annex 5).
    Citizens of other member states of the European Union, of the states belonging to the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation, the candidates benefiting from a form of protection in Romania, who do not have CNP (Romanian Numerical Personal Number) – will send before registration, to the address internationaladmission@ase.ro study documents (bachelor’s degree, diploma supplement / transcript, baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, transcript and copy of the certificate issued by CNRED) and will request the ID in order to access the online platform and establish the averages of competition.
    If the study and / or civil documents (birth / marriage certificate) are written in a language other than Romanian, copies of the Romanian translations, legalized, will be uploaded on the platform admitere.ase.ro.

Registration of non-EU citizensall information regarding your registration can be found here.

For further information regarding the admission process please access the methodology.

If you have any questions please contact us at MDBI@fabiz.ase.ro