Oana Garcia

Manager, EY

Passionate leader in analytics, data quality, and data governance space, always looking to make a positive difference by helping executives make informed decisions based on information they can trust. Culture change agent and diversity leader/advocate with successful and lasting partnerships at all levels of an organization, across geographies and business areas. Financial industry experience includes standing up data governance organizations, developing data policies and standards, designing and implementing processes, managing and monitoring the quality of data. Analytics experience spans industries, with significant improvements in data quality as well as revenue generation and cost savings.

Silviu Teodoru

Enterprise Architect at Oracle

Mr. Teodoru works at Oracle as an Enterprise Architect for strategic accounts. He has a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Cybernetics, two master's degrees, one in Computerized Project Management @ ASE and one in Decisions, Risks and Forecasting Methods @ Politechnica University, and a PhD diploma from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has a background both in Consulting and Financial Services.

Andreea Pipernea

Managing Partner @ APLUS Advisory

Andreea Pipernea is a Senior Executive and Certified Independent Director with 20+ years of experience in financial services (banks, asset management, pensions, insurance) within European and global institutions. She has a dedicated focus on building and leading highly effective teams, designing growth/transformation/restructuring strategy and driving tangible results. She has a solid commercial background, client and market orientation with proven sales track-record, cultural and functional versatility and is internationally minded. Ms. Pipernea has a great passion for people - shaping business around humanity and meaningful purpose and is always keen on embracing the new and fostering an environment of experimentation, personal development and learning. She is a strong believer in digitized and democratized services, all by using technology advancement in the benefit of every community.

Anca Bundaru


Anca Bundaru leads every facet of the product's journey, focusing on shaping the voice of the product and helping it grow a consumer base. Her job is to demonstrate how Bitdefender’s products solve the world's security, making the customer the priority, and ultimately, letting technology speak for itself. Anca is responsible for understanding the customer in order to build assets and a strategy to position and message Bitdefender products worldwide. Anca is relatively obsessed with technology and believes new products can change the world and can improve lives on a massive scale. She keeps close to the entrepreneurial culture and she likes to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems. Also, she’s been mentoring startups for about 3 years now and she likes to unlock the unseen potential of their products. It’s worth highlighting that before joining Bitdefender, 6 years ago, she had 8 years of full-time experience in communication & marketing. She was also part of the most awarded digital campaign in Romania.

Catalin Silvestru

Cătălin Ionuț SILVESTRU is associate professor in Economic Informatics and Cybernetics Department, Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. He received his PhD in the field of Economic Informatics at the Academy of Economic Studies. He is a member of INFOREC professional association, Project Management Romania association, ACM, IEEE and others. He has one invention and one prototype approved. His work focuses on the programming, robotics, blockchain, information system, e-learning, long life learning, and project management, building management system, software application, integrated management systems and human resources development. His research experience is consistent as Project Manager of 7 research projects won by competition in National contests and 9 projects won by competition in International contests. . He is also member in several working groups as European level (such as EQF AG, ESCO) as well as in various working groups and committees at local level involving adult education and training, higher education and professional development. He published over 40 articles in journals and magazines in computer science, informatics, e-learning, project management and long life learning fields, over 30 papers presented at national and international conferences, symposiums and work-shops and he was member in over 38 research projects.

Christian Nasulea

Associate Professor

Christian Nasulea teaches economics at the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest and is an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. His courses cover topics such as Global Economics, Globalisation, History of Economic Thought, Business Administration, Innovation Management and Cross-Cultural Management. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Economic Studies – Europe and a fellow of the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales. He has a PhD in management with a thesis on complex adaptive systems. His research interests revolve around economics and technology. In addition to his academic work he is also a tech entrepreneur currently holding positions as CEO or CTO in several tech businesses. His business work deals with software development, blockchain, information security, online education, media production.

Liviu Șerban

Software engineer @ Google

Liviu Serban is a Software Engineer @ Google Romania. His education background is computer science, with a Bachelor of Science from the  University of Bucharest. He started his career as a malware researcher @ Avira, and then moved to work mainly as a Java developer with Cloud Technologies and using machine learning. In 2018, he joined Fitbit, as […]

Francesco Bellini


Prof. Bellini is teaches Digital Transformation and Data Management and is a research fellow in Innovation and Technology Management at University of Rome "La Sapienza". His main research interests are "Creativity and technology innovation", "Organisational design" and "Innovation strategies". With more than 20 years of experience in consultancy as well as R&I projects at national and EU level, his work is at the crossroad between innovation, entrepreneurship and finance. He is a founder of Eurokleis where he is now senior partner in charge of the Innovation Lab, that provides consultancy for private and public organisations on financial and management issues related to the innovation initiatives (start-up, technology transfer, evaluation, intangibles, risk and compliance). For these subjects he is technical consultant at the Court of Rome.