Akram Hakiri

Researcher @ Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III

Akram Hakiri is a senior research scientist and researcher at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France. His research addresses a variety of problems related to Quality of Service (QoS) issues of heterogeneous network environment and multi-technologies network systems, middleware technologies for Distributed and Real Time systems (DRE) issues, such as resource provisioning, timeliness with Systems design and implementation techniques.

Andreea Baciu

Chief Culture Officer, UiPath

Human Resources and Change Management Executive, international experience, various local, regional and global roles, leader who translates organizational and individual needs into rapid action plans to drive high performance. Spearhead programs that engage talents to drive shareholder value, develop the next generations of leaders, generate excitement while learning and drive organizational change. Trusted Business Partner to senior leadership with deep business acumen, strategic, focused on strengths while being brave to challenge the status quo. Curios, energetic and passionate about living a legacy.

Andreea Pipernea

Managing Partner @ APLUS Advisory

Andreea Pipernea is a Senior Executive and Certified Independent Director with 20+ years of experience in financial services (banks, asset management, pensions, insurance) within European and global institutions. She has a dedicated focus on building and leading highly effective teams, designing growth/transformation/restructuring strategy and driving tangible results. She has a solid commercial background, client and market orientation with proven sales track-record, cultural and functional versatility and is internationally minded. Ms. Pipernea has a great passion for people - shaping business around humanity and meaningful purpose and is always keen on embracing the new and fostering an environment of experimentation, personal development and learning. She is a strong believer in digitized and democratized services, all by using technology advancement in the benefit of every community.

Anca Bundaru


Anca Bundaru leads every facet of the product's journey, focusing on shaping the voice of the product and helping it grow a consumer base. Her job is to demonstrate how Bitdefender’s products solve the world's security, making the customer the priority, and ultimately, letting technology speak for itself. Anca is responsible for understanding the customer in order to build assets and a strategy to position and message Bitdefender products worldwide. Anca is relatively obsessed with technology and believes new products can change the world and can improve lives on a massive scale. She keeps close to the entrepreneurial culture and she likes to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems. Also, she’s been mentoring startups for about 3 years now and she likes to unlock the unseen potential of their products. It’s worth highlighting that before joining Bitdefender, 6 years ago, she had 8 years of full-time experience in communication & marketing. She was also part of the most awarded digital campaign in Romania.

Andreea Naghi

Assistant Professor, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Andrea Naghi is an Assistant Professor at Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Department of Econometrics.